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To comply with the provisions of Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), then shows the general information web site

Website owner

Miraplant Horticulture, C.B. Miraplant onwards
Crta Siete Higueras, s / n.
30,739 El Mirador

The use of the services or acquire products in, hereinafter Miraplant constitutes acceptance of the following conditions:

1 .- Acceptance and availability of the General Terms and Conditions

By accepting this contract, you declare:
a) What is a person of full age and capacity to contract,
b) he has read and agrees to these terms and conditions.
These general conditions (hereinafter "General Conditions") regulate the legal relationship arises from the recruitment process or consultations conducted among users-clients (hereinafter "Customers") Web page Miraplant. located on the property url Miraplant

Customers agree to the Terms and Conditions from the moment they use or make inquiries. This document can be printed and stored by the Customer. Miraplant available to them, the phone number 606 750 635 and e-mail address, so they can raise any doubt about the General Conditions.

2 .- Rules

The General Conditions are subject to the provisions of the Law 7 / 1988 of 13 April, on General Conditions of Contract, Law 26/1984 of July 19, General Counsel for the Defence of Consumers and Users, to Royal Decree 1906/1999, of December 17, 1999, which regulates the Telephone and Electronic Contracting with general conditions, the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data and the Law 34 / 2002 of 11 July, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

3 .- Modification of the General Conditions

Miraplant may amend the Terms notify customers in advance, in order to improve services and services offered through the web.

By modifying the Conditions set out in Miraplant Web page, the word fulfilled that duty of notification.

In any case, before using the services or advice, you will see the General Conditions.

4 .- Intellectual Property

The contents provided by Miraplant are subject to the rights of intellectual property and are the exclusive property of Miraplant or natural or legal persons who report.

Through the acquisition of a service, Miraplant not grant any right to alter, use, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the same, reserving Miraplant all these rights. The granting of these rights will require the prior written consent from Miraplant. The intellectual property also extends to the content included in catalogs, price lists, commercial adhesives, magazines, cds, the graphics, logos, designs, images and source code used for programming.

5 .- Use of service and responsibilities

Miraplant not guarantee the continued availability of services, being exonerated from any responsibility for possible damages due to the unavailability of service due to force majeure or errors in data communications networks for data transfer, fault of their own.

Miraplant not responsible for the content of links to other Web sites not owned her own and therefore can not be controlled by it.

The client states that he knows that the information provided by Miraplant through its services, has no legal basis and is only provided for information purposes.

Privacy Policy

6 .- Applicable law and jurisdiction.

The General Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Spain.

7 .- Notifications

All notices, requests, demands and other communications to be made by the parties in connection with these Conditions, shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly made when hand delivered or sent by ordinary mail to address of the other party or to email it, or to any other address or email for these purposes each party may designate to the other.

8 .- Ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the clauses

If any provision of these Terms is declared fully or partially invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability will affect only that provision or part thereof that is invalid or unenforceable, the General Conditions subsisting in all other respects, taking such provision or part thereof that is affected, not to start.

9 .- Obligation to make proper use of the Web

The use of the information contained on our website will take place in accordance with the Act and the rules and specific conditions of each of the elements thereof, in addition to the standards set in these Terms of Use All this information is protected by copyright, and if by copyright and ownership, and / or legal rules that guarantee the intellectual property, so that any unauthorized use may constitute a violation of such protective rules. Specifically, the user must remember the following:

a) Miraplant allows free consultation and free use this information and provided the source is acknowledged: "Source:"

b) Is, however, prohibited the copying, reproduction and distribution of the data collected on our site, whatever the electronic device that allows the availability of this information to multiple users without the written permission of Miraplant.

c) It is also prohibited from copying, reproduction and distribution of pages and images from the web but the source is acknowledged.

d) In any case, the correct use of the information is not allowed to manipulate or alter the content.

10.-Exclusion of responsibility, advice or recommendations

a) Miraplant not responsible or alternatively, directly or indirectly for any damage or injury suffered by the user resulting from access to this website or the use of information or applications contained therein.

b) This site does not provide any recommendation about products or services other than those expressed in, or any advice.

11.-Confidentiality of personal data:

The processing of personal data managed through this website shall comply with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data.

The sole purpose of taking data is to maintain the contractual relationship of the Services as a Customer you decide to consult. The data collected are: name, phone number and email and can be corrected or canceled at any time you request it in writing at our postal address.

Miraplant receive data sent by you via unencrypted form or contact for queries that come to our mail at the offices of Miraplant. You agree to send the data through it.

No data will be transferred to third parties at any time or be made public.

The information provided by the Client will be truthful. For this purpose, the Client guarantees the authenticity of all data communicated as a result of completing the forms necessary for the requested information. Similarly, the responsibility of the Customer to keep such information is constantly updated to respond, at all times, to the actual situation of the Customer.

The Client is solely responsible for the consignment or for any false or inaccurate statements made and the damages caused to third parties for Miraplant or information provided.

12 .- Law and jurisdiction:

The use made of our website is governed by Spanish Law regardless of the legal environment of the user. Any dispute that originated because of the Terms of Use shall be settled in the Spanish Courts of Murcia


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