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Our company treasured experience for three generations, originally dedicated to the production of vegetables and cut flowers outdoors, about the sixties.

To meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market and competitive, in 1970 began building the first high production greenhouses, growing year after year to complete the infrastructure available today.

PoinsetiaIn 2004, in suitable facilities available, we started production of ornamental plants, as we had also the ideal climatic conditions for cultivation.

In 2008 the business constitutes Miraplant Horticulture, our specialty is growing potted flowering plant and our commitment to our customers above all is quality.


InvernaderosWe have an area of 613,000 square feet of greenhouses of which 344,000 square feet are type multitunel and other vine type, most are air conditioned and climate-controlled all by computer.

We are also committed to optimizing resources and saving water. We have systems to collect rainwater from our facilities at two reservoirs with a total capacity of 18,000 cubic meters.

riego por goteoThe whole system is drip irrigation and irrigation heads we fully automatic and computer controlled.

EnmacetadoraWe also have machines with a capacity of potting planting between 1,500 and 3,500 pots per hour, depending on diameter of pot.



Planta con flor
Zonale 36.000   Lotus 3.400
Peltatum 14.000   Scaevola 3.400
Pelargonium 12.000   Cestrum 2.100
Poinsettia 50.000   Portulaca 4.500
Poinsettia Copa 2.000   Freson 1.200
Impatiens 5.200   Chrysanthemum 2.300
Dahlia 6.000   Verbena 1.200
Dianthus 16.000   Begonia Doublet 2.500
Fuchsia 6.500   Gazania 2.600
Begonia Elatior 4.600   Messen 2.500
Cyclamen 11.000   Osteospermum 6.200
Lantana 2.500   Bracteantha 3.500
Bacopa 2.000   Brachycome 1.500
Cuphea 1.200      
Romero 6.500   Lavanda Hibrida 2.000
Tomillo 6.500   Hierba Buena 12.000
Lavanda Angustifoli 2.000   Mentha 6.500
Lavanda Dentata 2.000      
De semilla
Pensamiento 11.000   Tagete 4.500
Petunia 18.000   Portulaca 2.500
Primula 4.500   Albahaca 6.000
Gazania 4.500   Perejil 14.000



Eladio Sanchez ArandaFirst, we thank our father Eladio Sanchez Aranda, for all his knowledge and dedication that has been with us.

We also want to thank all customers who for years have rewarded us with their support and confidence.

An important part of our business is all technicians have always put their knowledge to us:

- Julián Giner, Area manager of Koppert.
- Juan Cervera, Technical Engineer responsible for Caja Rural Central.
- Simón Fructuoso, Head of Technical Department Hortamira.


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